Individual Therapy

Many individuals that make a decision to engage in individual therapy often struggle with the impact of mental illness, trauma, stress, or adverse life events (e.g. divorce, bullying, emotional abuse, attachment with caregivers). These experiences many times will hinder daily activities, roles and interpersonal relationships in a manner that greatly hinders the individual's ability to cope, which often leads to feelings of isolation, despair and being out of control.

How can individual therapy help?

Individual therapy is a one-on-one collaborative process between a therapist and an individual. Individual therapy may also be referred to therapy, psychotherapy, psychosocial therapy, talk therapy and counseling. The core foundations of therapy are set forth  by establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship of unconditional positive regard, empathy and respect for the individual throughout their stages of growth and change.

 In addition, it is essential that an individual senses the freedom, safety and comfort in session which facilitates a greater capacity for healing. At Retrospect Counseling, each provider understands the importance and necessity of these qualities and actively strive to maintain the therapeutic relationship at all times.

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